Beit Ham Nahariya (RA) is a registered association that operates a deli for feeding the needy at a nominal price. Activities for the community in helping and assisting with clothing, footwear and home equipment. Activities for the community for the elderly, adults, young people and youth. Help and assistance of religious articles. For families of victims of terrorism, widows and IDF orphans.


Privacy and Warranty Policy

A. introduction

The privacy of visitors to our site is very important to us, and we are committed to maintaining it. This policy explains what is done with your personal details and the responsibilities of the site operators.


B. Collection of personal information

The following types of personal information may be collected, stored, and used:

Information about your computer, including your IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, and operating system;
Information about your visits and use of the site, including the source of the referral, the length of the visit, page views, and your transit routes on the site;
Information, such as your e-mail address, that you enter when registering on our site;
Information, such as your name and e-mail address, that you enter to subscribe to our e-mails and / or newsletters;
The information you enter while using the Services on our Site;
Information generated while using our site, including when, how much, and under what circumstances you use it;
Information relating to anything you purchase, services you use, or transfers you make on our site, including your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and credit card information;
Information that you publish on our site with the intention of publishing it on the Internet, which includes your username, profile photos, and the content of your comments;
Information included in the messages you send us by e-mail or through our website, including the content of the message and its metadata;
Any other type of personal information you send to us.
Before disclosing to us the personal details of another person, you must seek the consent of that person both for the sharing and for the processing of those personal details under this policy.


third. Disclosure of personal information

We may provide your personal details:

According to what is required of us by law;
In the context of any existing or future legal proceedings;
In order to establish, operate, or protect our legal rights (including the provision of information to others for the purpose of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction);
To the purchaser (or potential purchaser) of any business or property we purchase (or are considering purchasing);
And to any person we reasonably believe may approach a tribunal or any competent authority for the purpose of providing the personal details in which it is reasonable in our view that that tribunal or authority orders the delivery of such personal particulars.
Except as stated in this policy, we will not provide your personal details to a third party.

D. Save personal information

This Section C sets out our data retention process and policies, which are designed to help ensure that we meet our legal obligations regarding the retention and deletion of personal information.
Personal information that we process for any purpose or purposes, will not be stored for more than what is required for that purpose or purposes.
Without derogating from what is stated in section G-2, we usually delete personal data that are in the categories listed below on the date / time listed below:
The type of personal data will be deleted {enter date / time};
And {enter additional date / time}.
Notwithstanding the other provisions in Section G, we will keep documents (including electronic documents) containing personal data:
According to what is required of us by law;
Whether in our opinion the documents may be relevant to any ongoing or potential legal proceeding;
In order to establish, exercise, or protect our legal rights (including the provision of information to others for the purpose of preventing fraud and reducing credit risk).
God. Security and privacy of your personal information

We will take reasonable organizational and technical precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information.
We will store all the personal information you provide on secure servers (password and firewall protected).
All computerized money transfers made through our site will be protected by encryption technology.
You acknowledge that the transmission of information over the Internet is not secure by its very nature, and we can without any guarantee that data transmitted over the Internet will be secure.
and. Repairs

We may update this policy from time to time by posting a new version on our site. You should check this page from time to time to make sure you understand any changes made to this policy. We may notify you of changes to this policy by email or through the private messaging system on our site.

P. Your rights

You can instruct us to provide you with every detail of your personal details that we hold relating to you; The provision of this information will be subject to the following conditions:

Payment of commission {enter commission if any};
Provide appropriate evidence for your identity ({adjust the text to reflect your policy for this purpose, we will usually get a photocopy of your passport with a notary, along with an original copy of a service account where your current address can be seen}).
We may refuse to provide personal information you request until permitted by law.

You can instruct us at any time not to process your personal information for marketing purposes.


Cancellation Policy

Cancel a transaction by an end user

Cancellation of a transaction will be made by contacting her by telephone or by mail or by fax or by electronic communication (such as e-mail), will include the buyer's details including ID number and the details of the means of payment.
With regard to the cancellation of a distance selling transaction with Beit Ham Nahariya (AR) by the end user, the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981 (the "Consumer Protection Law") will apply.
The transaction can be canceled at any time without transaction cancellation costs.

Contact Us

Address of Hagaaton Blvd. 2 for sending letters, PO Box 10008

Phone - 077-482-8808

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